Apr 13

This comment thread should be intresting.

Apr 11

MSN messenger users are seeing this message sent to people on thier contact list:

Hey, I get my MSN Names from http://www.IM-Names.com

Remove the malware with your favorite spyware killer (like Ad-aware)

If you have questions or comments you are welcome to leave them in the comments section.

Ron’s Note: Good fix from Dave below: 

  • Dave Says:
    This worked for me!

    first open WINDOWS TASK MANAGER (ctrl+alt+del) then click on PROCESSES. now look for something called ‘IM-svr.exe‘ click on it then then END PROCESS.

    now goto ur program files folder and delete IM-names folder

Apr 10

Just found this nice little password generator, orginizer, keeper, safe, whatever – and I’m hooked on it!

KeePass the free, open-source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.

The auto-type feature is my favorite.

Apr 07

Sophos has verified (not that we needed them to) this is a hoax:


An old lady walked into a Grocery Store.
She wanted to buy the best dog food in the world
for her little puppy.

She went up to the cash register to buy the food.
The saleslady told her that the store did not allow
old ladies to buy animal food unless they show the
actual animal because a lot of old ladies like to
eat the animal food themselves.

So, the old lady went home, got her dog and went
back to the store to buy her dog food.

The next day she came back to buy the best cat
food around.

But the Sales lady told her the same thing, so the
old lady went back home and brought her cat to the
Grocery Store to buy the cat food.

The next day the old lady went to the Grocery Store
again carrying a big container.

She went up to the the sales lady and said, “Put
your hand inside here “..

The Saleslady shook her head. ” NO ” , she said,
“there is probably something in there that will
bite me!” .

“I promise you there is nothing in here that will
bite you,” the old lady said.

So the Saleslady stuck her hand inside the container
and screamed.

To find out what was inside the container you
must send it to at least 8 people.

When the computer says your mail has been sent,
hit ALT-8 and the container will pop up on your

Please do not forward these type of things.  They waste people’s time and bandwidth.

Apr 02

It’s not an exteme case. This is the norm for Islam – “The religion of peace”.

Apostates from Islam
THE NEWS THAT, DESPITE the Afghan parliament’s last-minute attempts to prevent him from leaving, Abdul Rahman has been given asylum in Italy has drawn a global sigh of relief. But now is not the time to forget the issue. The case of Rahman–an Afghan Christian tried for the capital crime of apostasy–is not the only one, even in Afghanistan, and is unusual only in that, for once, the world paid attention and demanded his release. But there are untold numbers in similar situations that the world is ignoring.

Two other Afghan converts to Christianity were arrested in March, though, for security reasons, locals have asked that their names and locations be withheld. In February, yet other converts had their homes raided by police.

Some other Muslim countries have laws similar to Afghanistan’s. Apart from its other depredations, in the last ten years Saudi Arabia has executed people for the crimes of apostasy, heresy, and blasphemy. The death penalty for apostates is also in the legal code in Iran, Sudan, Mauritania, and the Comoros Islands.