My linking policy

If you are wanting me to link to you, or wondering why I linked to someone or some site, this is the place to get those questions answered.

Q: Who do you link to?
A: I link to whom I link to.

Q: Why?
A: Any of the following:

  • I like the person, site or product
  • and/or they have links to me
  • and/or they have commented in my site
  • and/or they belong to some blogger group/association I am a part of.

Q: Is a link the same as an endorsement?
A: No. A link is only a link.

Q: Why are you linked to “so and so?” That is an offensive site.
A: Let me know and I’ll check it out. If I agree with you I may remove them from my list.

Q: Will you link to me?
A: Ya’ never know until you ask.

Q: May I link to you?
A: I’m honored the thought even crossed your mind.  Please do.