What feeds do you recommend?

Susan commented (here) that feeds and feed-readers are making blogrolls obsolete. Which makes me wonder. What feeds do you recommend and why?

A couple of my favs are:

Quick and always good for an interesting link or item.

This is a heavy feed, but there’s always good stuff here too.

Because you need to laugh everyday.

Give me a couple of your favs in the comment section.

Goodbye Bill Gates

First, before I say anything, let me say it’s ultimately my fault for not having better backups of my data (yeah, it’s been 9 months).  Secondly it’s my fault for not having better backups.  Had I had current backups we all know Vista (Yeah, I know – I know – Believe me – I know) would have never gone belly up on me.

Oh Don’t feel too bad, Bill.  I’m still gonna visit from time to time (only because Dreamweaver makes me (for now). Quickbooks just made the switch easier for us.

Yesterday, I finally reinstalled Vista and my next step is to partition the hard drive (oh and <sarcasm class=”extreme”>thanks for changing how that was done too</sarcasm>) and then create a dual-boot with Linux (Ubuntu) as my primary OS.

More on that as the days go along.

And if you are curious as to what caused the crash all I was doing was trying to clear some disk space. Vista’s shadow copies were taking up 10 Gigs of space on my hard drive (minimal space they say, right)! I rebooted and :p she was gone.

I was able with a Helix/Linux boot disk to recover many of the files I needed.  But it was so time consuming that it wasn’t worth much of the effort.  Did I mention I am a fool for not taking the time to back up my data in the first place?

Please don’t help me row my ship of fools.  Get off and make a back up of anything you deem mission critical today.

BTW: If you are reading this because you fried your hard drive and didn’t make backups, let me know and I’ll be happy to help as much as I can.

Not So Fast » This guy’s awesome

Kristin of “Not So Fast” fame had a great link to whyfirefoxisblocked.com where you’ll find a longer-than-need-be rant about how firefox is blocking ads (Anyone else just hear Tony’s voice in their head say “and this is bad.. because?”). Doesn’t he realize his little tirade is just as likely to convert more MSIE users to the firefox side? I guess he doesn’t.

Furthermore, I don’t mind a site having ads on it – and I’ll even click on them if they interest me (not all marketing is evil) but I am reminded of a quote from the Wizard, Roy Williams:

You’re going to need a day job until folks figure out how good you are. Experience &#8212 deep and wide &#8212 is essential. If you work really hard and are lucky it’ll still be at least 2 years before you begin to gain some traction. Be committed. Don’t worry; just keep getting better. The kings will find you.

Read the rant for yourself, then come please back and let me know your thoughts about whyfirefoxisblocked.com, ads on websites and your favorite browser (I’m part of the firefox cult, btw).