[Solved] Seesmic won’t save passwords in Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu 9.10 I was unable to get Seesmic Desktop to keep passwords. Even after uninstalling AIR and Seesmic. Long story short, and a quick IM to Yama at Seesmic and he said I needed to simply delete the ELS folder from within AIR. Here’s the 1-2-3 of it all.

1. Close Seesmic Desktop.
2. Cut and paste this line (replacing user with your username) into terminal:
sudo rm -fdr /home/user/.appdata/Adobe/AIR/ELS
3. Restart Seesmic and tweet!

By the way: WOW! If only Yama worked for every company. 🙂

Amarok2: The Weekend at Bernie’s 2 of Software

Amarok 1.4 WAS by far the best music player I had ever seen.  So many options, a great functional layout with nearly everything you wanted no more than a single click away… I did say was. My recent upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04 automagically left me with Amarok 2.  Not only was it not playing out of the box, I seem to have lost all ability to customize it or control it.  They say it’s the future of media players.  Of course they do because, it’s sure not the present.  I haven’t seen a sequel this bad since Weekend at Bernie’s 2.  Continue reading “Amarok2: The Weekend at Bernie’s 2 of Software”

Ubuntu 8.10: The Fastest-Most-Just-Worksiest Version Yet!

I installed (upgraded to be exact) the Beta of Ubuntu 8.10 and it’s by far faster and “just works.”

Yeah!  My video in Skype (still waiting for Skype to get serious about Linux, or find an alternative) now works (so I can see that my cam is not showing my head) 🙂  Also working without extra effort: NVidia drivers and Broadband Wireless.

More updates when I have a little more time.  If you have played around with it and find it better (or worse) than a previous version post away… oh and the new “DarkRoom” theme is McAwesome!