When your name becomes a verb

If you have been following the Bobby Calvan debacle, this might be one of the best commentaries on it.

a new internet verb, “calvan”

There are few things more powerful than using a noun as a verb. I think my favorite is still “Don’t Leeroy Jenkins this.” Which I once used in a meeting with some tech support guys. Upper management just blinked, but the a couple tech guys familiar with the story nearly wet themselves.

Scott Ott Apparently Seeks White House

ALL RIGHT EVERYONE!!! Let’s get Scott Ott on the Ballot on all 50 States!!! I’ll help in Tennessee – we need signatures in other states!

Note to Mr. Scott (not the guy from Star Trek.. I’m just being all formalish cuz he might be the Pro-shizzle one day): Scott, are you running as an Independent or pretending to be Republican (like Romney). And I need a button for my website!