Browser will not start up – MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Vista stinks.  There, that’s out of the way.

For those of you using Vista and suddenly vista is stopping firefox from loading: you may find this to be very helpful (I know I did):   Browser will not start up – MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Hat tip: Lifehacker

PS: Vista still stinks.

Goodbye Bill Gates

First, before I say anything, let me say it’s ultimately my fault for not having better backups of my data (yeah, it’s been 9 months).  Secondly it’s my fault for not having better backups.  Had I had current backups we all know Vista (Yeah, I know – I know – Believe me – I know) would have never gone belly up on me.

Oh Don’t feel too bad, Bill.  I’m still gonna visit from time to time (only because Dreamweaver makes me (for now). Quickbooks just made the switch easier for us.

Yesterday, I finally reinstalled Vista and my next step is to partition the hard drive (oh and <sarcasm class=”extreme”>thanks for changing how that was done too</sarcasm>) and then create a dual-boot with Linux (Ubuntu) as my primary OS.

More on that as the days go along.

And if you are curious as to what caused the crash all I was doing was trying to clear some disk space. Vista’s shadow copies were taking up 10 Gigs of space on my hard drive (minimal space they say, right)! I rebooted and :p she was gone.

I was able with a Helix/Linux boot disk to recover many of the files I needed.  But it was so time consuming that it wasn’t worth much of the effort.  Did I mention I am a fool for not taking the time to back up my data in the first place?

Please don’t help me row my ship of fools.  Get off and make a back up of anything you deem mission critical today.

BTW: If you are reading this because you fried your hard drive and didn’t make backups, let me know and I’ll be happy to help as much as I can.

Job update

Remember back around October of 05 I told you about my new job with bsafe online. Well, I never did move up to Bristol (for a bunch of reasons I won’t go into here). They were kind enough to let me commute weekly but that was taking too big of a toll on my family so this month I’m back running Optimus Media. I have plans to expand it and refocus some of the services we offer. Right now, I’m working on reviewing all the major Internet Filters for another company I’ve contracted with. That site is not up yet. I’ll update you when it is. I also wont be able to post my findings here; but will send you a link when the report is online.