You Decide 2008

One of my favorite blogs, What in Tarnation, sent me to another web poll. Seems all the questions were written by a liberal. But anyway. Here are my results and some of my comments.

Cox 32 (who???) 🙂
Tancredo 32 (Still disagree with him on a couple things. Specifically US Foreign Policy)
Paul 25 (Right on Foreign Policy, wrong on drugs)
Romney 25 (Mormon – yes, it matters to me. Plus, he’s yet to prove himself on some of his newly found conservative positions)
Hunter 19 (wonder why he’s down here?)
Huckabee 17 (really wonder why he’s down here — he’s becoming “one to watch” (update: or not))
Brownback 17
Thompson 8
McCain -3 (minus 3!! ha)
Richardson -16
Giuliani -18 (again, Giuliani scores below a Democrat)
Biden -19
Edwards -24
Dodd -25
Gravel -26
Obama -29
Clinton -30 (Communist)
Kucinich -32 (Communist)

Tancredo upset with House resolution commending Muslims (

Tancredo upset with House resolution commending Muslims (
Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) is upset that the House recently passed a resolution commending Islam and recognizing the month of Ramadan.

Who the computer says I should vote for…

According to this short quiz, Tancredo and Hunter are the current candidates that lineup most with my political positions. Tancredo got a score of 70% overall. Hunter 65%. Interesting Ron Paul (whose “The-Constitution-says-this-the-Constitution-says-that” message really appeals to me) only scores a 40% and 19% on social issues. That puts him just a few points ahead of Joe Biden! Also real interesting to me is that Rudy is lower than Bill Richardson. That should tell you something right there. Not that I ever thought he was conservative.

You can take the quiz here (check my note at the end of this post)

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