Ubuntu 8.10: The Fastest-Most-Just-Worksiest Version Yet!

I installed (upgraded to be exact) the Beta of Ubuntu 8.10 and it’s by far faster and “just works.”

Yeah!  My video in Skype (still waiting for Skype to get serious about Linux, or find an alternative) now works (so I can see that my cam is not showing my head) 🙂  Also working without extra effort: NVidia drivers and Broadband Wireless.

More updates when I have a little more time.  If you have played around with it and find it better (or worse) than a previous version post away… oh and the new “DarkRoom” theme is McAwesome!

KeePassX gets better!

I have a ton passwords.  I like strong and unique passwords for every site.

I love the password safe – Keepass.  It’s great and runs from a jump drive so I always have my passwords with me.  When I went to Linux, I was still able to use my keepass data thanks to a great fork KeePassX.

But I lost my auto-type feature – which i became dependent on. And closing the application always really closed it instead of sending it to my task bar like the windows version.  Well worry no more! The latest update has fixed all that and I’m fly through sites with random and difficult passwords like:


Gotta love it!

Linux and Mac: KeepassX: keepassx.org

Windows version is available here: keepass.info

Spam Karma 2-strong?

I’m not to this point yet – but soon if I can’t find an answer to how to stop Spam Karma from auto approving all comments it deems non-spam (which it is excellent at). As we all know some discussions get out of control and we need to moderate everything under the sun. Plus, I’m a control freak like that! 😉

UPDATE: I did remove Spam Karma. The primary reason was it was overriding the WP moderation settings. And there are too many people who need to moderate every comment. I’m using Akismet (comes loaded with WordPress 2.0 and 2.1) exclusively now. It’s not as good at catching spam, but at least when it makes an error, I can catch it, as opposed to Spam Karma, that was just letting stuff through (more inappropriate comments, than actual spam).