Ron Paul on Life, Abortion and Stem Cells

In another Ron Paul post I raised some concerns about Ron Paul’s voting record on Abortion related issues.  I have yet to find answers about those questions. So here they are as a stand alone post in the hopes someone will answer those questions or bring light a very important issue.  A much bigger issue than where he stands on evolution.

My concern is this: Why does Ron Paul’s voting record look so confusing regarding abortion?

* Embryonic stem cell programs not constitutionally authorized. (May 2007)
* Voted NO on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Jan 2007)
* Voted NO on allowing human embryonic stem cell research. (May 2005)
* Voted NO on restricting interstate transport of minors to get abortions. (Apr 2005)
* Voted NO on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime. (Feb 2004)

* Voted YES on banning partial-birth abortion except to save mother’s life. (Oct 2003)
* Voted NO on forbidding human cloning for reproduction & medical research. (Feb 2003)
* Voted YES on funding for health providers who don’t provide abortion info. (Sep 2002)

* Voted YES on banning Family Planning funding in US aid abroad. (May 2001)
* Voted NO on federal crime to harm fetus while committing other crimes. (Apr 2001)
* Voted YES on banning partial-birth abortions. (Apr 2000)
* Voted NO on barring transporting minors to get an abortion. (Jun 1999)
* No federal funding of abortion, and pro-life. (Dec 2000)
* Rated 0% by NARAL, indicating a pro-life voting record. (Dec 2003)


Evolution, Literal Interpretation and Survival of the Unfit

Jim had a great comment which deserves a full post for a reply. He wrote:


Just a disclaimer – I am a Christian, and am not slamming typical Christian views.

First of all, re: your distinction between macro and micro evolution, could you define the word “species”? There are plenty of animals that cannot interbreed that would countermand your argument.

Second, why do you insist on interpreting the Book of Genesis literally? The Bible doesn’t tell you how to field strip a garand – it tells you how to live your life. I don’t think anybody thinks that the Bible is an authoritative view on how you should clean and service your 1911.

How does evolution affect your life, and how does it change the way you minister to the poor and homeless?

Jim, good post. Thanks. You wrote: “There are plenty of animals that cannot interbreed that would countermand your argument.” I assume you meant “can.” I don’t know of plenty. A few may be more correct. And of those few, I don’t know of any that can continue breading as this new species. Maybe if we give it a few million years 😉 Most common is the mule (the product of a horse and donkey). Mules are sterile; as are male tions and ligers. And all hybrids are man induced. I know of no natural hybrids.

Interspecies hybrids are rare and in most cases impossible (primarily) because of the chromosome numbers have to match (ex: chimps have 48 chromosomes and humans have 46). Let’s follow that thinking for a min… evolution teaches that this mutation occurred naturally. But keep thinking. One day, Bob (make him whatever species you want) is born from his normal chromosome matching parents. While very good looking and healthier than his friends at school, alas, Bob can’t mate because he has an extra chromosome. Eventually his successful modeling career ends and he dies. One magical day, this happens again. Again randomly to a set of normal chromosome matching whatsits. This one is named Sue. She is “lucky enough” to be born down the street from Bob (oh but he’s dead). Not so lucky. She dies.

My point is this. The likelihood of genetic mutation happening and successfully creating a healthier more advanced species is much harder to believe than a guy (albeit, with the oversight of an all all powerful all knowing God) survived a worldwide flood.

Where the Bible is written allegorical, I take it as such. Where it is clear it’s literal, I take it as such. What is your basis for deeming it allegory? Are you suggesting we should take Darwin’s tale as allegorical? Sorry. Of course you are not. I just get a little sarcastic before my second cup of coffee.

Evolution does not affect how I minister to the poor and homeless. If I believed in evolution it might. Because evolutionary thought typically leads to a “survival of the fittest” mentality. In other words, “I deserve to have a better life, they don’t. Why help them?”

To the contrary, as one who believes the Bible is the word of God, I am commanded to help those who are sick, naked and imprisoned (Matt 25:31-46). I also want to help, having been personally shown much grace and mercy from God. As a believer, I am sure you understand that.

Furthermore, it’s why I blog in the first place. Nearly all discussions eventually lead to the Gospel. It is my constant prayer that the Holy Spirit will use some of my feeble words to cause someone to consider their own “goodness” and ask themselves “yeah, why would God let me in Heaven?”

Again, thanks for stopping by and posting.

You Decide 2008

One of my favorite blogs, What in Tarnation, sent me to another web poll. Seems all the questions were written by a liberal. But anyway. Here are my results and some of my comments.

Cox 32 (who???) 🙂
Tancredo 32 (Still disagree with him on a couple things. Specifically US Foreign Policy)
Paul 25 (Right on Foreign Policy, wrong on drugs)
Romney 25 (Mormon – yes, it matters to me. Plus, he’s yet to prove himself on some of his newly found conservative positions)
Hunter 19 (wonder why he’s down here?)
Huckabee 17 (really wonder why he’s down here — he’s becoming “one to watch” (update: or not))
Brownback 17
Thompson 8
McCain -3 (minus 3!! ha)
Richardson -16
Giuliani -18 (again, Giuliani scores below a Democrat)
Biden -19
Edwards -24
Dodd -25
Gravel -26
Obama -29
Clinton -30 (Communist)
Kucinich -32 (Communist)

Does Ron Paul Still Want to Legalize Drugs?

I love some of the things Ron Paul is saying. He’s right on Foreign Policy and very right on the Constitution. However, while running as a Libertarian for President he said and wrote some very strong statements concerning the use of Drugs in America. And for some reason, I haven’t seen any of this come up in the debates. Perhaps he’s changed his position.

From Ron Paul:

* Legalize industrial hemp. (Jan 2007)
* Voted NO on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. (Sep 2001)
* Voted NO on subjecting federal employees to random drug tests. (Sep 1998)
* War on Drugs has abused Bill of Rights . (Dec 2000)
* Legalize medical marijuana. (Jul 2001)
* Rated A by VOTE-HEMP, indicating a pro-hemp voting record. (Dec 2003

Check out these videos of Ron Paul on the Morton Downey, Jr. Show (how did that show ever make it on the air?)

Ron Paul wrote in 1987:

The Reagans, emulating Stalin, have even praised the chilling example of a child informing on his parents and urged others to follow his example. The 1980’s war on drugs has increased the U.S. prison population by 60%, while street crime has zoomed. Seventy percent of the people arrested for serious crimes are drug users. And all the evidence shows that they commit these crimes to support a habit made extremely expensive by government prohibition. Urban street crime, which terrorizes millions of Americans, is largely the creation of the U.S. drug laws. That alone is reason enough for legalization.

(warning site contains materials offensive to some.)

Just some food for thought.

In case you missed it.

My Ron Paul on Evolution post continues to get a lot of comments. Gary’s latest comment brought up an excellent point I had not thought of before.

…Also, the Theory of Evolution does not accept a perfect original creation. It has death and destruction at the beginning. Scripture teaches that the original creation was perfect, then marred by sin, then death was placed upon it by God as a curse. Death before sin contradicts Scripture. If death was rampant for millions of years before Adam sinned, which would be the case according to the Theory of Evolution, then how could it be a curse placed upon creation by God? If that is the case, then death is normal, not abnormal. It undermines the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ to redeem people from the curse of sin and death….

Be sure and check out the entire post. It really has some great thoughts.