The New Microsoft Seinfeld Ad

I imagine when the news that Microsoft first signed Jerry Seinfeld for 10 Million dollars to push Vista, that Steve Jobs and Co. at Mac had this “oh, this can’t be good” feeling in theirlower intestinal regions.  Well the ad is out.. and it is just bizarre.

Ad-man-super-genius, Roy Williams, has often said, “know what to leave out.”  But in this case It’s almost like an admission that Vista does suck.

That wind ablowin’ is a collective sigh of releif from Mac.

Cup of Ubuntu anyone?

[solved] Google Calendar CalDAV support (not only on Mac)

With excitement I read Google’s calendar will now support CalDAV. Yeah, now I can sync Lightening (Thunderbird’s Sunbird plugin) with Google, right?  Nope. I can’t. It only works on Apple’s iCal.  From Google help pages:

“While other calendar applications support CalDAV (including Mozilla Sunbird), Google Calendar only supports CalDAV using iCal.”


UPDATE: I have found a solution, another problem and a solution to that problem.

Lightning: It’s a Sunbird plug-in for Thunderbird.

Provider for Google Calendar

I have installed Thunderbird and Lightning from Ubuntu repos (via Synaptic).  But couldn’t get Provider to work or allow me to add a new calendar.  Finally I found a post in a forum that helped.  The issue is you are missing libstdc++ 5. Install that from Synaptic and you are good to go.

This is a hit and run how to. It assumes you know all of the terms used and you have installed add-ons in thunderbird and from Synaptic before. But if you haven’t and need more detail on how to do anything, please feel free to ask.

Micro$oft pulls a Folgers switch (kind of).

CNET reports:

Spurred by an e-mail from someone deep in the marketing ranks, Microsoft last week traveled to San Francisco, rounding up Windows XP users who had negative impressions of Vista. The subjects were put on video, asked about their Vista impressions, and then shown a “new” operating system, code-named Mojave. More than 90 percent gave positive feedback on what they saw. Then they were told that “Mojave” was actually Windows Vista.

Sounds a little like the “Folger’s Switch” from years ago.

Instead trying this on XP fans, try it with some Mac-vangelists or fellow Linux fans.  Then you’ll impress me.

Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge – analyst | Register Hardware

And you gotta wonder how many folks are also doing like I did, and going to Linux?

Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge – analyst | Register Hardware
The 3G iPhone may be getting all the attention this week, but let’s not forget Apple’s other product line, the Mac family, which is enjoying new-found success thanks to… Microsoft.

According to US investment house BMO Capital Markets, cited by AppleInsider, Apple will have shipped up to 2.5m Macs between April and June inclusive – enough for a 39 per cent year-on-year growth rate.

More to the point, that rate of increase is more than three times the industry average of 12.2 per cent.