Ubuntu 8.10: The Fastest-Most-Just-Worksiest Version Yet!

I installed (upgraded to be exact) the Beta of Ubuntu 8.10 and it’s by far faster and “just works.”

Yeah!  My video in Skype (still waiting for Skype to get serious about Linux, or find an alternative) now works (so I can see that my cam is not showing my head) 🙂  Also working without extra effort: NVidia drivers and Broadband Wireless.

More updates when I have a little more time.  If you have played around with it and find it better (or worse) than a previous version post away… oh and the new “DarkRoom” theme is McAwesome!

The New Microsoft Seinfeld Ad

I imagine when the news that Microsoft first signed Jerry Seinfeld for 10 Million dollars to push Vista, that Steve Jobs and Co. at Mac had this “oh, this can’t be good” feeling in theirlower intestinal regions.  Well the ad is out.. and it is just bizarre.

Ad-man-super-genius, Roy Williams, has often said, “know what to leave out.”  But in this case It’s almost like an admission that Vista does suck.

That wind ablowin’ is a collective sigh of releif from Mac.

Cup of Ubuntu anyone?