Does Miers support so-called “gay rights”

Miers appears to support “gay rights,” according to a new article on a homosexual website in Texas. According to the story, Miers:

1.) Met with “gay rights group,” appointed a homosexual

Miers “met with members of a gay rights group during her successful campaign for a seat on the Dallas City Council in 1989 and later appointed a prominent gay attorney to a city board that oversees federal grants.”

2.) Seemed to avoid sodomy question

“Miers stated in the questionnaire that she would not support a bill to repeal the Texas sodomy law, saying the matter would not come before the Dallas City Council.” (Sounds like she was just trying to dodge the issue.)

3.) Supported equal rights for gays, opposed discrimination based on s.o.

Former Dallas, TX Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition member Marc Lerro said, “he endorsed Miers for the [Dallas City] Council post, saying he recalls that she expressed general support for equal rights for gays and indicated she opposed discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

4.) Appointed a well-known homosexual to CDBG board

“Miers later appointed Dallas gay attorney Don McCleary to Dallas’ Community Development Block Grant Board, which helped the city decide how to spend federal housing and urban development funds. Under Dallas’ city manager form of government, members of the Council have authority to make city appointments.” Lerro said “On a personal level, she was very open to having gay people serve on boards and commissions.” Miers used the homosexual’s endorsement publicly. According to Lerro, “Miers ‘welcomed’ his endorsement in the 1989 Council race and added his name to one of her campaign brochures.”

Read the full report on the pro-homosexual Houston Voice website:

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