Plane Crash

You know after a while when you read a guy’s rss feed, you start to feel like you know them. So imagine my shock when I find out planes crashed in the air above Gerry’s house and landed in his yard, catching his house on fire.

This Pilgrim’s Progress: Plane Crash

I hope those who lost their lives were believers. Gerry, we are praying for you and rejoice in the safety of your family.

To God be the Glory!!!

Exciting, but tough

Monday starts the first official day at BSafe (even though we don’t move for months). It all still seems a bit surreal… and exciting. I love an adventure.

Last Wednesday after church JB’s best friend, Jake, fought back some big tears tonight after learning we were moving. This lead to his mom (one of Joni’s closest friends) breaking down. I can see now this is gonna get tough real quick.