[solved] Google Calendar CalDAV support (not only on Mac)

With excitement I read Google’s calendar will now support CalDAV. Yeah, now I can sync Lightening (Thunderbird’s Sunbird plugin) with Google, right?  Nope. I can’t. It only works on Apple’s iCal.  From Google help pages:

“While other calendar applications support CalDAV (including Mozilla Sunbird), Google Calendar only supports CalDAV using iCal.”


UPDATE: I have found a solution, another problem and a solution to that problem.

Lightning: It’s a Sunbird plug-in for Thunderbird.

Provider for Google Calendar

I have installed Thunderbird and Lightning from Ubuntu repos (via Synaptic).  But couldn’t get Provider to work or allow me to add a new calendar.  Finally I found a post in a forum that helped.  The issue is you are missing libstdc++ 5. Install that from Synaptic and you are good to go.

This is a hit and run how to. It assumes you know all of the terms used and you have installed add-ons in thunderbird and from Synaptic before. But if you haven’t and need more detail on how to do anything, please feel free to ask.

ZDNet.com: Best Buy to sell Ubuntu for $19.99

ZDNet.com has news about Ubuntu available at BestBuy for 20 bucks, writing:

Best Buy to sell Ubuntu

So what do you get for your twenty bucks? The retail box contains ”Ubuntu 8.04 CD, a Quick Start Guide and 60 days of support from the ValuSoft team, trained and backed by the Canonical support guys. The support covers installation and getting started using Ubuntu and is priced at $19.99.”

This is good news from a marketing standpoint; pushing Linux even more main stream.  Will they sell a lot of boxes?  Probably not.  But this is still a good move. Or at least it can be.  I’d like to see what they wrote on the box.  There is still a lot of misunderstanding about Linux and how something free can be as good (or arguably better) than a 200-300 dollar operating system.  There’s also a great deal of misconception about what software will work and won’t work on it.

Back to the article:  I agree 2 month’s of support is not worth the 20 bucks.  Download the ISO and burn a disk. Don’t know how or what I even just said?  Click here.

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Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge – analyst | Register Hardware

And you gotta wonder how many folks are also doing like I did, and going to Linux?

Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge – analyst | Register Hardware
The 3G iPhone may be getting all the attention this week, but let’s not forget Apple’s other product line, the Mac family, which is enjoying new-found success thanks to… Microsoft.

According to US investment house BMO Capital Markets, cited by AppleInsider, Apple will have shipped up to 2.5m Macs between April and June inclusive – enough for a 39 per cent year-on-year growth rate.

More to the point, that rate of increase is more than three times the industry average of 12.2 per cent.

e-Sword for Linux

Thanks again to the always-has-an-answer Ubuntu Forum.  I have E-sword running perfectly in Linux (under Wine).  Here’s the link

The only thing that would make me happier would be for Rick to release the e-Sword code as Open Source or at least make a full blown Linux version.  “Me toos!” and other comments welcome.

[Solved] Java not working in Firefox with Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

Try as I might, I could not get java to run in Firefox 3 on Ubuntu 8.04.  Turns out to be a really simple fix.

Eirik Hoem’s Blog had the answer to my problem:

I’ve been struggling with lava support for Firefox after upgrading from Ubunut 7.10 to 8.04. All I had to do was to remove the package called icedtea-gcjwebplugin. Now, I don’t know my way around java anymore, but at least it did the trick. Worth a shot if you have problems.