Mar 05

This was super helpful!

Oct 02

So I get this email today titled “Hippo Eats Dwarf!” and the attached “news clipping” so it has to be true, right?  Wrong.

First the evidence.

Hippo Eats Dwarf


Looks legit. However, it just feels like a hoax. They sent the trampoline off to be tested?? Better ask ma-Google.

Well, not only is it a hoax, it’s the title of a book about hoaxes.

Oh well. I’m glad the little guy never died. I’m also glad this wasn’t a YouTube video. But, as cruel as a death as it might have been, I secretly wanted it to be true.  I’ve always said, when my time comes, I hope it’s part of an amazing story — like being swallowed whole by a hippo.  How do you want to die?  What do you think happens when you do? Let me know in the comments.



Aug 29

When using the Bible App, I’ve been having a problem posting to the Buffer app ( The link to the actual verse is dropping out. It seems to only happens going to this app. For example, it works great when I share to SMS:  Continue reading »

Aug 28

I’m migrating my comment to the Disqus comment moderation system. Comments are down for the day, while we import all the old ones. So if we had a discussion going, please know I’ll have them back up soon.



Aug 20

I’ve been extremely inactive here for a while — and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.  Please forgive me if you posted a comment and it went unapproved. I wasn’t getting notices and hadn’t been here to check for weeks. That’s pathetic. I’ll certainly do better at that.

Apr 06

A wordpress plugin was locking in out of the admin log-in.  FTPing in and renaming the offending plugin didn’t do the trick – it just broke the whole site. So I knew I needed to deactivate all plug-ins so I could get back in.

Thanks to Jeff Star’s post here, it was easy-cheesy and I was able to zip into PHPmyAdmin to quickly disable all plugins in a WordPress install.  Here’s part of his post:

In the blink of an eye..

Before beginning, make a backup copy of your database. Then, login to your database using phpMyAdmin (or whatever), and navigate to the “active_plugins” column of the “wp_options” table using the following SQL query (edit the default WordPress table prefix “wp_” if needed):

SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = 'active_plugins';Once the active_plugins column appears, click to edit it. You will see something similar to the following, depending on the number and type of plugins you have installed:

a:31:{i:0;s:13:"AddMySite.php";i:1;s:19:"akismet/akismet.php";i:2;s:23:"all_in_one_seo_pack.php";i:3;s:16:"authenticate.php";i:4;s:28:"breadcrumb-navigation-xt.php";i:5;s:18:"codeautoescape.php";i:6;s:37:"contact-coldform/contact_coldform.php";i:7;s:32:"custom-query-string-reloaded.php";i:8;s:30:"customizable-post-listings.php";i:9;s:33:"dd-sitemap-gen/dd-sitemap-gen.php";i:10;s:20:"download-counter.php";i:11;s:13:"feedcount.php";i:12;s:13:"full_feed.php";i:13;s:15:"get-weather.php";i:14;s:36:"google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php";i:15;s:13:"gravatars.php";i:16;s:19:"kill-admin-nags.php";i:17;s:18:"landingsites13.php";i:18;s:30:"nofollow-free/nofollowfree.php";i:19;s:17:"ol_feedburner.php";i:20;s:16:"plugins-used.php";i:21;s:22:"popularity-contest.php";i:22;s:39:"search-everything/search_everything.php";i:23;s:27:"simple-tags/simple-tags.php";i:24;s:26:"simple_recent_comments.php";i:25;s:18:"simple_twitter.php";i:26;s:25:"subscribe-to-comments.php";i:27;s:24:"the-excerpt-reloaded.php";i:28;s:18:"theme-switcher.php";i:29;s:9:"top10.php";i:30;s:16:"wp-db-backup.php";}That entire array of code represents every active plugin on your site. Thus, to quickly disable all plugins without using the WP Admin area, highlight the entire block of code, cut it out, and paste it into a safe, offline text file. After removing the code, click the button to save your changes and that’s it. All WordPress plugins are now deactivated (yet still installed, and with all plugin options intact). This obviously is a huge time-saver that really comes in handy during those mission-critical, time-sensitive situations where every second counts. Once you are ready to re-activate your entire set of plugins, simply cut/copy & paste the preserved code back into the “active_plugins” field. Click save and done. Again, don’t forget to backup your database before editing it 😉

There is more info at his post and I suggest going over and checking it out. He also has quick ways to nuke and enable plugins.