Getting You Version Bible App to Post to Buffer App

When using the Bible App, I’ve been having a problem posting to the Buffer app ( The link to the actual verse is dropping out. It seems to only happens going to this app. For example, it works great when I share to SMS:  Continue reading “Getting You Version Bible App to Post to Buffer App”

[solved] Samsung Captivate Crashes when Connecting USB Mass Storage

I have a Samsung Captivate on ATT. When connecting USB Cable > Mass Storage > Connect storage to PC the app crashes once .. then if i try again really gets mad at me and shuts down my phone.

After hours of trying various things and searching online forums, I contacted Samsung chat support. They suggested a soft reset (pulling out the battery for 30 seconds). This did not help me.

Then after asking a few questions about my USB Cable, he asked I try another USB port. Bingo! It worked. 

It could be an issue with my USB port or with the cable itself, the tech said.

I hope if you had the same problem or a similar problem this was able to help you.  If it was, feel free to leave a comment.  I’m always curious.