Amarok2: The Weekend at Bernie’s 2 of Software

Amarok 1.4 WAS by far the best music player I had ever seen.  So many options, a great functional layout with nearly everything you wanted no more than a single click away… I did say was. My recent upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04 automagically left me with Amarok 2.  Not only was it not playing out of the box, I seem to have lost all ability to customize it or control it.  They say it’s the future of media players.  Of course they do because, it’s sure not the present.  I haven’t seen a sequel this bad since Weekend at Bernie’s 2. 

Okay, enough ranting. What’s the answer, Ron?  Right now, I’m extremely impressed with Exaile.  It has all the features I use the most and sounds great.  It lacks a way to sync my mp3 player with it (at least I haven’t found one yet) but I can still drag and drop.  There is a plug-in for Ipod, but I’m not using an Ipod so I am not sure how well that works.  Feel free to leave your thoughts/comments/rants below.