Answering Elsa: Could She Be Wrong?

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Ron wrote: So what’s your story, Elsa? Why are you interested in this discussion? What do you believe and what led you to that belief?

I don’t “believe,” nor do I consider belief to be evidence of any truths. I observe, acknowledge evidence, and use logic to form my opinions. I also acknowledge that any part of understanding can be flawed, and have no problem adjusting my opinions in light of new evidence and new interpretations, as long as they are well-founded.

Sure you believe. We all believe something. I find your intentionally distancing yourself from anything that even sounds remotely religious sign of some deep hurt or offense. I hope that’s just my inner-Dr.Phil. And not based in fact. But if someone in the church has hurt you, I’m sorry.

But you are right that because we believe something doesn’t make it true. I always demand evidence; which is where every evolution debate I’ve ever had ends. Where’s the evidence of trans-species evolution? I believe in micro-evolution or as we called it as kids, adaptation. But I see zero-none-nuthin-honey evidence of the kind of evolution proposed in Darwin’s “origin of species”

I found this page while researching Ron Paul, because I want to be informed about the candidates before I cast my ballot, as I’m sure you do as well. As for this conversation, it’s important to me that people base their opinions on facts, instead of basing them on misinformation, especially when it comes to something as important as choosing the next leader of our country. I’m sure you can see what happens when people do that, as evidenced by our current president, who not only doesn’t believe in evolution, but apparently doesn’t believe in science all together.

And thanks for allowing me to clarify my facts and opinions.

If “belief” in evolution is such a deciding factor for who you vote for and who you recommend others to vote for, then please inform yourself about the actual theory. There’s a good reason why a doctor would acknowledge evolution as a fact, and that’s because he understands the real theory behind it, not some strawman argument that creationists set up to refute.

And with that we come full circle. There is much I don’t know, I admit. But I think I am informed pretty well on Darwin’s theory and the problems with it. Any further articulation would just be rehashing things I’ve posted in the Ron Paul reply.

Thanks for the discussion.