No Hell?

As happens from time to time, comments take on a life (or post) of their own.

Here is a post and my replies from Angry Dissenter:

I always like talking theology.
The short answer is yes, I believe that if there’s a heaven and I get hit by a bus today, that I get in.

What do you base this on?

However, your question and my answer are based on philosophical assumptions and conclusions which, I think, are more important than either the question or the answer.
1) First, I can’t believe in hell. It’s not a concept that is logically compatible with my conception of God, or even the popular Christian concept of God. If you believe that God is infinite (or at least larger than all things in existence), hell becomes extremely problematic.

It wasn’t problematic for the author’s of Scripture or Christ, Himself:
“Hell” in Scripture:

  • Gehenna (Greek): The place of punishment (Matthew 5:22,29; 10:28; and James 3:6)
  • Hades (Greek): The abode of the dead (Matthew 11:23; 16:18; Luke 16:23; Acts 2:27)
  • Sheol (Hebrew): The grave (Psalm 9:17; 16:10)
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