Cellphones may protect against Alzheimer’s

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I don’t know whether or not cellphones give you brain tumors, but I do shudder just a little every time the thought crosses my mind while I’m on the phone. Well, even if cellphones are destroying our brains, it’s possible they may be fixing them at the same time.

University of South Florida researchers have found that long-term exposure to the electromagnetic waves associated with cellphone use may actually protect against Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, they may even work to reverse the condition.

So far, this has only been shown with lab mice. The scientists started with 96 mice, most of which were genetically engineered to develop beta amyloid protein deposits in the brain, which is one of the main things that happens to human who have Alzheimer’s. Some were “non-demented” — in other words, normal. For a period of seven to nine months, for two hours a day, all the mice were exposed to about the same level of cellphone waves you’d get if you held one up to your head.

The results were that old mice with the protein buildups saw a reduction in beta amyloids. Basically, they got better, and their memory function was restored. Young mice engineered to collect beta amyloids did not experience the build-ups. Among the normal mice, memory actually improved. Not sure how you test a mouse’s memory, but that’s why I’m not a scientist making potentially life-saving discoveries.

Don’t get too excited yet, though — William Thies, chief medical and scientific officer for the Alzheimer’s Association, called the study “interesting,” but stressed that the results are very preliminary and that a lot more work needs to be done. Then there’s that whole thing about how the very same radiation might cause brain tumors — so best not to try to self-medicate on this one, especially if you’re driving.

via Technology News: Handheld Devices: Nexus One: You Can Look, You Can Buy, but You Can’t Touch.

[Solved] Seesmic won’t save passwords in Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu 9.10 I was unable to get Seesmic Desktop to keep passwords. Even after uninstalling AIR and Seesmic. Long story short, and a quick IM to Yama at Seesmic and he said I needed to simply delete the ELS folder from within AIR. Here’s the 1-2-3 of it all.

1. Close Seesmic Desktop.
2. Cut and paste this line (replacing user with your username) into terminal:
sudo rm -fdr /home/user/.appdata/Adobe/AIR/ELS
3. Restart Seesmic and tweet!

By the way: WOW! If only Yama worked for every company. 🙂

7/25 Savannah Main Street Festival Series time-change

Just helping get the word out. I think changing the time is a good idea.

The July 25th Festival time-change to a 5 – 8 pm rather than 3-7 pm Due To HEAT

Most of the folks who attended and/or worked the event realize the urgency to change the start and end time of the festival due to the heat index possibilities for July and perhaps even August.

The start time of the July 25th festival is 5 pm w/the end time at 8 pm.

An outdoor movie will follow.

Savannah Dogs will be on the menu to be cooked by the fire department.

This event will not include a cook-off.

The festival will continue to include children’s activities.
The featured band is ‘Littlefield,’ who also will be opening for the September rock concert sponsored by the Darryl Worley Foundation.

For those of you who can share this information with your church bulletin organizer, please try to have it placed in the upcoming church bulletins.

Thank you.

Judy Flanagan, CFEE, M.S.
Savannah Main Street Director
731-925-3300 ext. 105