Does this mean I don’t get the watch?

Just got off the phone with a telemarketer. I love to share the gospel with them and hate that I ever put my home phone on the “do not call” list.

Moments ago a girl named Stephanie called and “congratulated me” for be selected to take part in a survey where I could win prizes, like a car or a watch or something. Which is really a scam to sell me Time Magazine. Anyway.

As always I listened, answered many questions, and then asked if I could ask her some things. I asked her about her background, she stated she was not Catholic but married to one, and because of their differences they didn’t go to church much. But she considered herself a Christian and a good person.

When I asked her about the moral law, she admitted she was a liar, thief and blasphemer but, would still be innocent before God. Although she couldn’t say why. When I asked if she thought she would be innocent before an earthly court – had she only broken a few laws or minor laws, she said, she would be guilty. When I asked Stephanie, why then she thought God would not see her sin… I heard a long pause followed by the dial tone.

Join me in praying for Stephanie. She has a 5 month old child.

She’s only the third person to ever hang up on me. I’ve had 5 examine their lives and relationship with Christ as a result. As an added plus, ever since I started witnessing to them, my telemarketing calls are way down. 😉