[now fixed] Facebook refuses to fix obvious security flaw

[ UPDATE:  Facebook has reversed itself and fixed this vulnerability ]

ZDNet.com reports:

The Register’s Dan Goodin has the scoop on an obvious security vulnerability that’s being ignored by the powers at Facebook.

The issue, as demonstrated by this proof-of-concept, shows how a social network application can be rigged to hijack a Facebook user’s session identification cookies, deliver pop-up messages or change the color of Facebook pages. 

“With a little extra work, an attacker could probably do much more, including send and read messages from a user’s account, change privacy settings and add or delete Facebook friends,” according to the report.

When I tested the code while logged in to Facebook, it worked as advertised and proves conclusively that Facebook fails to sanitize the content of third-party applications. This exposes Facebook’s massive user base to a variety of hacker attacks.

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