Hoax: Be very careful while shopping at the Mall

The following is a hoax. And you can smell it.

Clues: Discrimination against political group (to tap into current frustration and cloud your thinking). In this case “Baby-stealing-boarder-jumping-Mexicans”

False or weak validation. In this case, Allison Malone her husband’s cousin’s friend.

Corporate discrimination: Those evil mall people who we all know are hiding every crime that ever happens there.

Stupid police: who don’t want to assist in child abduction (how did this get passed around???)

False authority: Signed by a lawyer’s office – yeah, so it must be real.

Lack of specifics or verifying sources. No newspaper link – maybe they just don’t know yet 😉

Be careful while forwarding emails – that would be a better subject line.

Subject: Be very careful while shopping at the Mall

Dear Friends and Family,

This has happened six times in the Mall at Barnes Crossing since the holiday season has started. Allison Malone’s (my husband’s cousin) friend was one of the mothers it happened to. She did get her baby back. The mall doesn’t want to tell people about it b/c they fear it will affect their profit for the holiday season.

A couple of weeks ago a lady with two kids was shopping at JCPennys in the mall here at Tupelo. One of her sons was pretty small and he was in a stroller buckled in and the other one was older and he was walking beside her. A Mexican woman came by and told the lady how cute her little baby was…well the lady told her “Thank You” and went on her way. A couple of minutes later the Mexican woman approached the lady again telling her how cute her little baby boy was. The lady again replied with thank you. As the lady turned her back to look at a piece of clothing then the oldest son said “the lady took the baby”. The lady turned around to find that the Mexican lady had unbuckled the baby and grabbed him out of the stroller and took off with him. The lady ran after them and caught the Mexican woman as she was getting out the door with her son. The only way that she caught her was the Mexican woman had long hair and she pulled it and knocked her down.

The lady held her in her custody until the authorities arrived. The lady was shocked when the authorities asked her if she wanted to press charges. The lady replied back with “of course, this is my son you’re talking about”.

Come to find out the Mexican lady was here illegally. They are coming here to steal our kids and carry them across the border to sell on the Black Market. It’s not just Mexicans there are Caucasians and African Americans involved in this also.


Sincerely, *******

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Paralegal for the Firm
[name removed] Law Firm
– Attorneys and Counsellors at Law –
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Tupelo, MS 38803
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Update: More on this story can now be found here: http://www.snopes.com/horrors/parental/mexican.asp