It’s about the love?

“I hope your plan(e) has the chance to crash and burn.”

Eric at giving us another fine example of tolerance (warning: link goes to pro homosexual site) and reacting to news that Family Policy Network is going to fly an airplane banner over the San Diego Pride event. What apparently pushed Eric to hypocritically hope for an aircraft accident? What else but a nice clear call to repentance and faith:

FPN President Joe Glover was quoted as saying, “Homosexuality is nothing to celebrate. It has grave consequences, both physical and spiritual.”

“The hope of all who sin, including homosexuals, is the chance to turn from sin and embrace the redemption God makes available through His Son, Jesus Christ,” he added.

Well said, Joe.  It’s not about homosexuality (alone), the message of the cross is for all who sin (no matter the sin).  As you read this, please think about that.  Is there sin you need to repent of?  Then Jesus Christ is your hope too.

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