The Real Super Bowl Score

Seattle – 10
Pittsburgh – 21
Free Speech – zero.

  • Huge crowd.
  • American City.
  • Public Property.

Should you be allowed to peacefully protest?

Not in the “Peoples Republic of Detroit.”

The following is from a LLM email alert:

Detroit Police Department Violates The Law As They Shut Down Christian Witness Over Super Bowl Weekend
February 09, 2006

Free speech was the loser during the Super Bowl in Detroit. As you have probably heard, Life and Liberty Ministries Director Dennis Green was arrested and jailed on Saturday and the LLM Truth Truck was impounded. Here is and update and a day by day recount of the harassment received from the DPD.

Feb. 3, Friday
Dennis Green and Jerry Penner begin to drive around Detroit’s downtown area.
The Truth Truck is stopped and Dennis Green is told that he cannot drive the Truck on the streets. The streets were filled with other vehicles and all traffic laws were being adhered to. When asked what law was being violated, the officer angrily demands Mr. Green’s drivers license and vehicle registration. Both are produced and the officer leaves the vehicle momentarily. He returns with a ticket for not having a vehicle registration even though he was holding the current registration in his hand.

Feb. 4, Saturday
12:00 – 2:40 PM – As we drove around the Cobo Center, we were stopped several times by officers saying that we could not drive on the street with the other traffic. Each time we asked what law we were violating and each time none was given. We would eventually drive away with the officers acknowledging that it was our Constitutional Right to drive down the street.

2:40 PM – The Truck is pulled over by four police cars and an impolite officer rudely asks Mr. Green what he thinks he is doing. The officer demands proof of registration and drivers license. Both are produced. Dennis is then asked to get out of the vehicle to be frisked. He is then told to stand outside of the vehicle in the snow as the officers discuss their next move. Two officers are overheard discussing how they could cut the signs from the vehicle and the officer in charge calls for a tow truck. After approximately 30 minutes, Mr. Green is approached as he was standing on the street and placed under arrest. He was charged with “failure to obtain a permit”.

Approximately 6:30PM – Dennis Green pays $100.00 bond to get out of jail.

Feb. 5, Sunday
Approximately 2:00PM – Mark Gabriel pulls over to look at a map (with flashers on). He is driving a van with pro-life and Gospel messages on the sides. The DPD immediately pull up and order Mark and John Stambaugh out of the vehicle. The vehicle is impounded and they are left standing on the street.

Cal Zastrow and Dennis Green go from one police station to another seeking information on the status of the impounded Truth Truck. Either false information or no information is repeatedly given. One officer said that she would not speak with them when they asked for directions to a different precinct address. They give up searching for the day.

Picture0321.jpgFor a couple hours, Dennis Green, Cal Zastrow, Chris Coatney and Michael Marcavage preach to the crowds who are entering Ford Field for the Super Bowl. They are on a public street with thousands of others milling about. DPD approach them and order them to cross the street. They obey. After standing in that location for several minutes, several police cars and a police prisoner transport van drive up. They are then ordered to drop their signs and leave the entire downtown area. They are told that signs are forbidden. Even as this is being said, there are many signs being held in the area by others. They are told that our signs specifically had to go since they deal with abortion. The signs are removed from their hands and an officer stands on them. They are given 60 seconds to leave the area or be arrested. When asked what law they had violated, none was given. When the officers were asked to identify themselves, they refused. When asked how far they had to go, they were told, “all the way to the river!” The officer in charge was the same that orchestrated Dennis Green’s arrest the previous day.

Feb. 6, Monday
DPD continues to refuse to give information about the Truth Truck’s status.

Feb. 7, Tuesday
Mark Gabriel’s van is released after the payment of a $155.00 fee. In the late afternoon, the Truth Truck is finally released after a payment of a $250.00 fee.

Feb. 8, Wednesday
8:30 – 12:00 – Dennis Green sits in a Courtroom waiting for his case to be called. He is called into the hallway where an officer tells him that there is no paperwork on file and he can just go home.

In other words, he is asked to leave town and act like this never happened. The American Family Association’s Center for Law and Policy will be representing Dennis Green in this matter.

Dennis Green
P.O. Box 862
Powhatan, VA 23139

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