Trojan Horse SHeur.AFJ (false positive within Quickbooks/Quickin)

There are a growing number of reports that this is a false positive within AGV.

I’ll update you with more soon, but for now check out this excellent post on the topic (translated to English here). Complete with screen shots and search engine analysis.

Please leave a comment if you have any information to share. Unlike the AVG Forum, stupid questions will not be deleted nor the questioners abused. We were all stupid at some point so, chill-out folks.

Update: I have found AVG to do find this with multiple PCs in separate locations. It’s definitely a false positive (misreading from the AVG software). (A note to AVG users, don’t let this bother you, I’ve been using AVG for years and I think this is only the 2nd time Its found a false positive.)

Another Update: AVG will not quarantine Quickbooks files, but it will quarantine Quicken files automatically (in many cases). If you get a message that says the files were deleted you can get them out of AVG’s Virus Vault.

Update #3: I see that the folks at Quickbooks are aware of the issue and are working with AVG to repair it.