U.S. flag blasted by United Methodist official

And the UMC (of which I am a member) continues to wonder why the denomination is loosing membership.


Minister Clayton Childers of the Capitol Hill-based United Methodist Board of Church and Society said the presence of a national flag can imply endorsement of national policies, which often are counter to the teachings of Christ. Childers even noted that the Swastika flag was displayed prominently in German churches during the Nazi era.

Mark Tooley is with the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD). “Obviously,” he notes, “there are a number of serious problems with that Nazi-American analogy; but one of the problems, of course, is that American churches display the American flag completely voluntarily. No one is compelling them to do it — whereas, of course, in Nazi Germany the totalitarian state compelled its churches not only to display the flag but to support the government’s policies.”

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