Witnessing YahooIM style

So here I am minding my own business when i get some IM about a guy wanting me to 3-way with his wife or girlfriend. This was not a bot, but a real person. So I decided to witness to him. His screen name has been changed to protect the guilty.

RON: lol u r kidding, right?
Leon: no, she wants me to find someone to do a 3way tonight, no joke my friend,
RON: are you a good person?
Leon: id like to think so, ive never tried to do anything like this, and im already sort of apprehensive…

The bible says (Proverbs 20:6) Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?

RON: want to take a quick test – see how good a person you are?
Leon: no, you know what, im sorry for contacting you, i think this is a bad idea……
Leon: actually yes, lets take your test

Now, would you really have thought he would have even said yes?

RON: no yes – confused :))
RON: j/k
Leon: shoot
RON: ok.. it’s pretty simple.. question 1 – ever told a lie?
Leon: yes,
Leon: but i try really hard not to,
Leon: sometimes though
RON: good honest answer.
RON: what do you call someone who lies?
Leon: human
RON: lol.. what if i lie to you – what would you call me?
RON: 😀
Leon: human

A very typical answer. We want to justify our own shortcomings by comparing ourselves to men. When our question should not be what does man think of me, but what does God Almighty think of me.

Leon: we ALL do it
Leon: on occasion
RON: hint: L _ _ R (wanna buy a vowel)
RON: =))
Leon: ia
RON: really.. by definition, if i lie to you – i’m a liar right (one who lies).
Leon: thats right
Leon: so im a liar
Leon: im sure you are too

I didn’t see this line, until later, but for those tracking this at home, “yes, I too am a liar”

RON: ok.. moving on.. question 2. ever taken anything that didn’t belong to you (might be something small)
Leon: no, i can honestly say i have never stolen anything in my whole life
RON: good. glad to hear that.

But can we trust a liar? 🙂

RON: question 3. ever looked at a women with lust?
Leon: yes

See Matt 5:27-28

RON: ever hated someone? (even for a short time)
Leon: i dont hate anyone, never, dislike maybe, but hate is too strong a word,

See Matt 5:33-34

RON: ever used the Lords name in vain?
Leon: hey man, i gotta go
RON: ok.. well let me wrap this up then..
Leon: im gonna burn in hell
RON: why do you say that?
Leon: thats what you are getting at, right
RON: well sort of… but it may not be like you think
RON: the test is based on the 10 commandments.
RON: what if you did die today – and God judged you by the 10 commandments? do you think you’d be guilty or innocent?
RON: Leon?
RON: u still here?

At this point you might be inclined to say, well you lost him. But this was a successful witness. You are not going to get a harvest every time you go to the field. This time I only planted seed. Leon is now without excuse on the day of judgment because he has admitted he has sinned. His conscience bared witness to that. His justification was evidence of that.

Join me in praying for Leon and for the women in the relationship with him. They, like all of us will have to face God on the day of judgment. It’s important now to ask: How will we be made righteous before him?

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