Dateline Predator Investigation: This time police are making arrests

Get your Tivo set…

‘To Catch a Predator’ –
This Friday
Watch Dateline’s ongoing hidden camera investigation into computer sex predators — grown men, trolling Internet chatrooms for young teenagers. This time, police are making arrests. • 9 P.M. ON NBC

It can not be said enough.. You have to protect your children from these folks.

1. No computers in the bedroom. Keep any computer hooked to the Internet in a public room like a den or something.

2. Get a filter. Try BSafe Online’s filter free for 10 days. (yes, I used to work for them, but I get nothing for recommending the product, and I recommended it before, during and after my employment.). If you don’t like their filter, I don’t care, but get one you do like. Good reviews at

3. Know what your kids are doing online. There is never any reason for them to go in a public chat room – and Instant messaging should only be with friends they already have – not for making new one.

4. Don’t let them fill out a profile. It only works as pervert-bait.

Sober worm persuades child porn offender to turn himself in to police

Okay, so here’s one example of a virus/worm actually doing some good.

Sober worm persuades child porn offender to turn himself in to police

<shameless plug>Just think, if this guy had had the Bsafe Online Security Suite, he wouldn’t have had child porn or a virus </shameless plug>

Why the ‘Dateline’ predators were not charged

MSNBC’s Abrams Report asks what the rest of want to know and find so hard to believe: Why were the ‘Dateline’ predators not charged??

During “Dateline NBC’s” recent hidden camera investigation, 19 were caught going to a suburban home where they thought they’d be meeting with sexually available teens. Some made a run for it when they went into the kitchen and saw NBC’s Chris Hansen waiting.

One came into the house completely naked and sat down in the kitchen, where Hansen met him and kindly handed him a towel to cover himself up. A rabbi was so upset at being caught that he even seemingly went after Hansen.

But why aren’t any of these guys being prosecuted?

Tucson AZ Net Predator Sting get’s a couple arrests

The AZ Sting got a couple arrests. Good for them! I wish those dateline guys could have been caught.

Tucson coach arrested as internet predator
The arrest comes after the Eyewitness News 4 Investigators and an online internet watch group gave police detailed information from an undercover investigation we were conducting.

Another suspected internet sexual predator arrested
Daniel “Jed” Poulsen, 22, is sitting in the Pinal County Jail . He was arrested late Monday at his parents home in Arizona City.

Videos here at

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(contains some very harsh material – but keep in mind this stuff is out there every day on the net)

I can’t say it enough: Get the PC out of your kids bedroom and get some parental control or filtering software (like Bsafe Online).