No charges expected against rabbi


No charges expected against rabbi
Despite the impression left by the report, though, Kaye does not appear to be in legal jeopardy. A spokesperson for the Fairfax County Police Department said Monday that the department does not anticipate filing any charges against Kaye or many of the other men identified as potential predators in the NBC broadcast.

Officer Bud Walker, public spokesperson, said that while it is a felony in Virginia to use the Internet to solicit sex with a minor, the commonwealth would not have jurisdiction in Kaye’s case.

Parent Alert: MSNBC to Reair Dateline Predator Special

Tonight at 7 Eastern/6 Central, MSNBC is reairing the Dateline Predator Special [transcript and clips here]. Be sure and record this and consider showing this to your age appropriate children.

This is something all parents must see.

NOTE: None of the men in this study have been arrested.

Let me also take this chance to remind you, all parents need a filter. I recommend BSafe Online (rated number 1 by America’s Top Christian Men’s Mag. and faster and easier than McAfee and Norton by an independent study)

Other important things to remember:

  1. No Internet Access in the bedroom. Keep your PC in a common room.
  2. Never let kids in a chat room – not even Christian Chat (Christian kids are targeted because they more naive)
  3. Don’t let them fill out an online profile – it’s like bait to predators
  4. Limit instant messaging to friends they actually know already
  5. And talk to your kids about this stuff and what may already have happened – you may be shocked.

More on the Dateline Sex Predator Hidden Video Episode

There’s more on the Dateline NBC Sex Predator episode here.

And it appears that Joe Scarborough has his teeth in this one now and isn’t showing signs of letting go until some laws are changed. Let’s hope so.

Another note: Be praying for these people involved. The victims as well as the perverts. I’m not saying go easy on them. I’m saying pray for them. Pray for the children, the families and law makers and law enforcers. They all need it.

Catching potential Internet sex predators – Dateline NBC –

Everyone should read this. Be sure and watch the video clip to get the full idea of how creepy this is.

Catching potential Internet sex predators – Dateline NBC –
In any home where there are kids with computers, there are parents with concerns. Teenagers can spend hours chatting online, but who are they chatting with? On the other end of that instant message could be a complete stranger – or a sexual predator. It’s a dangerous side of the Internet, one that’s growing and many children are at risk. So we went undercover, filling a house with hidden cameras.

Soon, a long line of visitors came knocking, expecting to find a young teenager they’d been chatting with on the Internet, home alone. Instead, they found Dateline.

We want to warn you some of what you’ll read is explicit. But parents need to know what their kids can confront when they sit down at the computer.

Look, here are some simple rules.

1. No computers in the bedroom. Keep any computer hooked to the Internet in a public room like a den or something.

2. Get a filter. Try BSafe Online’s filter free for 10 days. (yes, I work for them, but I get nothing for recommending the product, and I recommended it before they hired me.). If you don’t like their filter, get one you do like.

3. Know what your kids are doing online. There is never any reason for them to go in a public chat room – and Instant messaging should only be with friends they already have – not for making new one.

4. Don’t let them fill out a profile. It only works as pervert-bait.

Did I miss anything?